Bullying is referred to as using physical and emotional intimidation towards another person. Verbal abuse also comes into bullying. Bullying is bad and it can affect a person in a very negative way. It can lead to psychological problems. Those people who bully others are actually insecure. They feel empty and worthless therefore in order to hide their insecurities they resort to such tactics to appear strong and powerful among their peers. Bullies may have their own set of problems related to bruised relationship at home, having unsuccessful life or other problems making them feel helpless. Children especially are more likely to get affected if they are constantly bullied. It affects them in a very negative way and leads to serious psychological problems.

Every child has a right to education.   A school is a place where a child should feel safe and spend his time learning different skills as to lead a successful life after the completion of studies. Some children have serious problems and they find it hard to mix up with their peers at school. Such students are often made fun of. They are teased by their fellows and it leads to a situation where the victims feel forced to take revenge. They may not show it to others but constant bullying indeed hits them bad psychologically. Many school violence related incidents that occur in America are somewhat connected with bullying. In 1999, a 15 years old high school student stormed in Thurston High School and shot some of his classmates dead while wounding several others before being overpowered by a fellow schoolmate. Upon investigation, it was found that he was a loner and often had been a victim of bullying. He had a very troubled past and it certainly had a very negative effect on his mind. His circumstances forced him to take revenge from his classmates by shooting them dead. He had been planning the massacre for a long time and when he had the opportunity he grabbed it.

Several other violence related incidents have taken in American High School history and most of them are linked with early age bullying where the victims decided to take revenge from their classmates. In another similar incident, two students of Columbine High School stormed into the cafeteria of the school and shot dead their classmates and members of teaching staff. In this case too, the investigation revealed that the two boys had a troubled past where they were often picked up and bullied by their classmates. They had been planning the massacre for years and when they were ready they turned it into a horrific reality.

These two violent incidents prove that bullying can indeed effect very negatively. It makes a child feel helpless and completely out of control of his emotions. It inflicts deep emotional scars on his psyche where he decides to avenge his misery.

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